Our pigs are Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, the oldest pedigree spotted pig breed in the world. They are often known simply as Old Spots or Orchard pigs, a large breed, white in colour with a minimum of one distinct black spot. They have lop ears which will almost cover the face of a mature pig and hang towards the nose.

Sadly Gloucestershire Old Spots are currently at risk of extinction and if we are to stand a chance of bringing them back to mainstream livestock status it is essential that we support the breed. Many people claim to be breeding Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs and their produce is often seen on supermarket shelves but unless the breeding stock is registered as pedigree and progeny birth notified, they cannot claim to be Gloucestershire Old Spots – unfortunately much of what we see on the shelves isn’t. We fervently support the Pig Breeders Association and Gloucestershire Old Spot Breeders Club in promoting and maintaining this fabulous native breed and in fighting to ensure that only pure Gloucestershire Old Spot meat is labelled as such.

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Flavoursome, succulent and delicious…

The meat from pedigree Gloucestershire Old Spots is something very special. Whether as pork, bacon, gammon, roasting joints or sausages the produce from our pigs is flavoursome, succulent and delicious. It tastes like meat used to taste!

In the words of Derek Cooper on the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme – “Once you try Gloucestershire Old Spots pork, you’ll turn your back on the tasteless, dried up, intensively reared pork forever.”

If you are looking to buy some of our delicious pork to cook at home then get in touch today, you can also follow our goings on behind the scenes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! We work with pubs, restaurants and wholesalers to supply tasty pork; ask for more details.

Caring for our herd

To safeguard our pigs’ optimum health and to ensure that they do not put down too much fat we carefully monitor their feed and measure quantities carefully. We also follow the 20 minute rule in that if the pigs are still eating 20 minutes after they have been fed, we reduce their feed. Our pigs are fed twice daily and they are only fed high quality feed appropriate for their age with the occasional treat of apples during windfalls.

Our pigs live life outdoors in securely fenced off areas with pig arks in which to sleep on beds of comfy straw. They also have sun shades, wallows and adverse weather protection; we are their carers and it is our responsibility to ensure that they live life in comfort. Fresh water is always available as are a multitude of bugs and worms for them to find. They spend their days rooting around exhibiting normal pig behaviour, playing with the variety of hay bales and entertainment that is provided for them, sleeping or sunbathing. We draw the line at a TV!

“I purchased some bacon and sausages from [Plump Hill Farm] and they were the best I’ve had! Nice to buy ethically reared meat straight from the source!”
Brad Watson


We keep a close eye on our pigs, watching for any sign of difficulty or ill health. We believe in everything being natural, however, should one of our pigs require veterinary assistance we will not hesitate; there is no way on this earth any of our pigs will suffer. We are on the case and if help is needed, help will be sought. It is not unusual for us to be seen applying sun screen!

They are highly intelligent animals, alert, active and energetic. Each and every one have their own personalities – some love their ears being scratched, others prefer their backs or hips. We can waste hours just watching them run around, ears flapping like crazy!

We love to welcome visitors to the farm, to make an appointment please get in touch.

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