Tell us how much you want to spend and the mix of meat you want (lamb/pork/limited beef range) and we’ll prepare a meat box to order. A simple and straight forward way to enjoy our produce.

Our meat boxes include the usual family favourites, including pork sausages – various flavours, bacon – streaky and back, steaks (gammon and lamb), roasting joints (pork and lamb), beef burgers, steak mince, liver and kidney.

“I was given a selection of Plump Hill Farm meats as a gift this Christmas! In the pack, we had sausages, burgers, pork chops and lamb chops 🙂 Both my husband and I were super impressed with all of it; everything was absolutely delicious, and the quality was excellent. I will definitely be treating ourselves asap and buying from Deb and Stu myself! Thank you guys.”

Natalie Hick