Our cattle are Dexters, the smallest native breed of cattle in the British Isles. They are hardy cattle, producing excellent beef and are ideal for conservation grazing. Currently we don’t raise the Dexters ourselves, but work with a fellow smallholder in the Forest of Dean, a family friend of many years. We each share the same principles of welfare and hands on approach.

The Dexter Cattle Society was founded in 1892. The cattle can be short-legged or non short; they can be black, red or dun coated. They are extremely maternal, with calving problems rare. They mature quickly and are noted for their longevity, often breeding for 14 years or more.

Excellent quality and flavour…

Dexter meat is of excellent quality and flavour with good marbling. It is extremely popular due predominately to its outstanding favour. As a small breed there is little waste and joints are not large.

If you are looking to buy some of our delicious pork, lamb or beef to cook at home then get in touch today, you can also follow our the goings on behind the scenes on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter! We work with pubs, restaurants and wholesalers to supply tasty pork, lamb and beef for their menus, ask for more details.

Caring for the herd

The cattle live outdoors with ample winter housing to protect them against the British winter. They free graze during the warmer months and are safely snuggled up indoors during our harsher weather. Their feed is supplemented when required, cultivated from the smallholding on which they live.

They are constantly monitored for any signs of ill health.